About Our Program

Graduates from any 200-hour RYT program can apply to be a part of ’s mentorship program. This 8-week program will give newer teachers more confidence in their language, focus on the individual’s presence in the room, and put all of the learnings from your 200 hours into practice. Admissions for this program are rolling.  Mentors are assigned by the studio based on a combination of request, scheduling constraints and initial mentee assessment.

Our mentorship includes

  • An assessment of teaching skills, individual goals and a personalized program by one ‘s 500 hour RYT mentors
  • Four observations of mentor’s classes with 30 minute reviews after each class
  • Three community classes on the schedule with mentor feedback
  • Tailored weekly reading assignments
  • Unlimited classes at during your mentorship

The Details



Admission works on a rolling basis.

Start dates and meeting times are scheduled between mentor and mentee.



$2,200 for 200hr RYT Certificate  Holders

$2,000 for RYT Graduates

Student is responsible for purchasing any assigned reading material.