Who We Are

a little of the woo, a lot of the real

we are

is for people who want to feel better: physically, mentally, and emotionally. We love yoga, in fact, we’re obsessed with it. We want to teach you how to do a handstand, as much as we want to teach you conscious breath, as much as we want to share ideas that deeply resonate with us.

We love music. We love to move. We love connection. We care about community, and think kindness is cool. We are real, practicing, fallible, joy-filled, kind, curious, striving, New York yogis, who want to share everything we know and love with you.  

Our Style

  teaches alignment-informed, athletic, vinyasa sequencing in a mood-lit, heated room.  Learn the shapes with options to decide what works for your unique body. After building sequences together, the music goes up, the teacher fades out, and you get to explore each flow at your own pace. It’s a moving meditation led by your breath and the beat.

Somedays we joke around, somedays we share inspiration beyond the physical practice; somedays we don’t. The classes we teach are a reflection of how we practice as modern day yogis: it’s a little of the woo, and a lot of the real. Together we workout body, breath, and mind to connect you to your real self. At everyone’s invited.


Is a symbol of coming together: as a community, a place where your individual practice is supercharged by the energy of the people around you. It’s the coming together of thought and action.  It directs us away from the past and thoughts of the future, to be mindful of the now.

Our Facilities

The studios are spacious, dimly lit, and pristinely clean. We end each class with a delivery of our signature, essential oil, ice cold face towels. Our Tribeca facility includes spa-like rainfall showers, botanical bath products and all the amenities you may need, including professional hairstyling tools.  Williamsburg is equipped with rainfall shower change and go stalls, and Boerum Hill with change spaces only. We rent mats, mat towels, hand and shower towels and have a range of health conscious snacks and beverages available for purchase. When it’s time to workout, work inwards or unwind, show up as you are, we’ve got the details covered.